MLA 2014 Session Dates and Times

The Libraries and Research in Language and Literature discussion group is hosting two sessions at MLA 2014:

Session 405
Meeting Where Students Are: Faculty-Library Collaborations and Undergraduate Research
Friday, 10 January, 5:15–6:30 p.m., Ohio, Sheraton Chicago
Presiding: Dawn Childress, Penn State Univ., University Park

Speakers: Susanna Boylston, Davidson Coll.; Anne Geller, Saint John’s Univ., NY; Laura E. McGrane, Haverford Coll.; Susette Newberry, Cornell Univ.; Jennifer Rajchel, Haverford Coll.; Blythe E. Roveland-Brenton, Saint John’s Univ., NY

Panelists will discuss collaborations among librarians and faculty members that create curriculum-based research opportunities for students in the use, building, and interpretation of collections. Perspectives on introducing students to the protocols of research include the literary-critical, archival, programmatic, and compositional and cross the analog-digital divide in their methods and tools.

Session 677
Discoverability: New Methods (and Experiences) of Scholarly “Wild Surmise”
Sunday, 12 January, 8:30–9:45 a.m., Parlor C, Sheraton Chicago
Presiding: Regine I. Heberlein, Princeton Univ.; William Thompson, Western Illinois Univ.

Speakers: Bradley Daigle, Univ. of Virginia; Dan Santamaria, Princeton Univ.

Discoverability is the ability to be found, to be known—and discovery tools are what make the move from unknowable to knowable possible. (Think telescopes in the Renaissance.) Scholars will come away from the roundtable understanding what discoverability is (and was) and with a sense of what discovery tools are, where their future lies, and how we are all likely to benefit.